Buried deep…

…In a book that is. I cannot seem to rid myself of the habit of having a crazy love affair with anything literary. As long as I can remember, I have loved all literature. I read magazines (upside down) as a toddler, begged to read every night as a young child, and the trend continued on unto adulthood. The feeling of cuddling up and just loosing yourself in a good book is my version of a perfect day.

Harry Potter changed my life. There I said it! That book series changed the way I viewed my childhood. It made me believe in magic and different wonders of the world. It made my mind want to know more, need to know more…

Once I start reading a book I cannot get enough. I get sucked into this completely different world, right there in the action and I am completely immersed in everything I am reading. The words jump right off the book and into my head, where I am transported into this whole new, exciting place, where I don’t know what is going to happen next. It is a great and wonderful feeling, somewhat like an adrenaline high. But, as it is with all good things, the feeling can quickly end. And it does…with that very last page. You know it’s there; you know it is coming, but you keep reading with fever to get to it because you NEED to know what happens. It’s a mixture of excitement, knowing how that great tale ends, and dread, knowing that…is the end. There is no more to this story. The world you were just in for hours, days, weeks is just done.

That feeling can be somewhat soothed with another great read. You can be completely transformed into a completely different life with the first word of a new book. Then it starts all over again, that love affair that sucks you in…time after time.

It is the New Year….maybe try something different this year. What could be more fun than to partake in a friendly reading competition (against yourself)? As part of Good Reads “2015 Reading Challenge”. The site offers recommendations on what to read according to genre, what you read previously, or just the most read books currently. If you are an avid book reader like myself, it can be just as dangerous of a website as Pinterest. 🙂

Happy reading!