Should your kids be the center of your whole universe?

by aroberts208

Should your kids be the center of your whole universe?

If you have children, are they the center of your universe? Does your whole day revolve around what they are doing or what they want to do? According to this mom, you should not let your kids become the center of your world. When I first read the opening paragraph of this blog entry, I wanted to quit reading. Clearly this lady had no idea what she was talking about, and was too selfish to be a mom…then I kept reading. She goes on to explain that your kids are not the center of any universe, this one or others. She mentions that it is also important to still be who you were before having kids, whether it be a wife, a girlfriend, a friend, just yourself. Not to become so wrapped up in the mom role that you forget what length your hair is because it’s always thrown up in a ponytail or what clothes are in your closet besides something that wouldn’t show puke or spit when running errands. The writer explains how the culture has changed so drastically, how the kids of this generation are going to grow up not able to function normally in society because they were brought up to be self-sufficient (ie: work it out for themselves, let them find their lost toy, cry it out for a while). Now I am all about giving my child whatever she needs, but she is 9 months old, she still relies on me for everything – and I’m definitely okay with that. But, I also know that in a few years I’m going to have to endure the hardship of letting go a little — letting her become her own person. As much as I want to shove her in a bubble, and protect her from this crazy world we live in, I cannot wait to see the person she is going to become, I know it will be wonderful.